About Asset Builders

Asset Builders is a non-profit organization that has been teaching financial capability and economic empowerment to low and moderate income youth and families since 1999. Founders Richard Entenmann and Robert Wynn were both working in financial investor protection—Entenmann with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Wynn with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. They both saw the damage that lack of wealth and financial illiteracy were creating for millions of Americans and together, they founded Asset Builders. Their goal was simple — to proactively educate and prepare individuals to avoid financial pitfalls and predatory practices, as well to show a better way to create personal wealth and economic stability.

Asset Builders Programs

The Money Conference

The Money Conference — a full-day financial education conference for youth and families. The conference features national speakers and numerous workshops throughout the day. More…

Youth smiling at Finance & Investment Challenge Bowl

Finance & Investment Challenge Bowl

Finance & Investment Challenge Bowl — an interactive educational quiz bowl tournament that promotes financial literacy and awareness among students. More…

Youth with certificates from Youth Power Academy & Teen Money Camps

Youth Power Academy & Teen Money Camps

Youth P.O.W.E.R.  Academy of Finance — an intensive personal finance and college readiness bootcamp for middle and high school students. More…


“I witnessed a life-changing experience for two poverty-stricken young men who were students at our school….after all, society expects certain males to drop out of high school and work in low-paying jobs. The students were victorious and took first place in the Milwaukee Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl and are now outstanding students at UW-Madison. They learned from the Bowl to compete and WIN!”

Milwaukee HS Teacher

“On the ride home my students were filled with a buzz of excitement from the fun that they had today.  Immediately upon their return today they were talking about the experience with their peers and some were even promptly inspired to spend a couple hours after school tonight working with me on some accounting concepts to better understand course material prior to upcoming exams…your efforts will have an impact that will last a lifetime for many of the students in attendance today.”

Madison HS Teacher

“The information I received attending the Money Conference convinced me it was time to stop renting and buy my first home, and that’s just what I did.”

Milwaukee Money Conference Attendee

“I’m so grateful that you took the time to come to our school and teach us about saving and investing. With what I know now I’m going to make investing in the stock market a priority when I’m old enough. Thank you Asset Builders.”

- PREP Participant

“I wanted to share with you a success story from this past weekend’s Money Conference in Appleton.  As you know I have been part of the Fox Cities Money Conference for the past 5 years.  On the day of the event I contribute by discussing with attendees their credit report and explaining the current status of their credit history and score.  This year three attendees returned from prior years all with successful, positive changes on their report.  It is very encouraging to be part of this success and notice the changes that this conference is able to make in a relatively short time.”

- Associated Bank Rep, Appleton WI

“My daughter learned your Finance Camp lessons well. Her first job out of college, she immediately signed up to make retirement fund contributions, and is on pace to increase them every year. Thank you for your role in establishing that mindset.”

“I was reflecting on the investment club and how it has helped shaped some of the ideas I have regarding money. I graduated in 2005 and went about life. I recently completed my doctorate but I’ve been looking into other ways I can make my money work for me. Investing is something I am fortunate to have in my toolbox. If I had not had the experience in high school and seen the benefits I may not see myself as capable of such a task now. So thank you for that :)”

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