The Millionaires Club® is an intensive economic education program designed to accelerate the economic knowledge of middle and high school students.  The club meetings are held at regular times during the school year and the sessions provide in depth education in the areas of financial basics, human capital development, investing, entrepreneurship and post-secondary planning.

Features of the Millionaires Club includes:

  • An introductory curriculum of basic economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship
  • The Stock Market Games (SMG)
  • Participation in the Millionaires Club Speakers’ Bureau
  • Keeping a personal journal on financial matters
  • Meeting and hearing from guest speakers on topics relating to business and finance.
  • Culminating entrepreneurial experience through Go4it
  • Culminating asset management experience (AME)

The Millionaires Club, in collaboration with the BEAM Charter School, has helped two club members gain admittance into prep schools where they received valuable four-year scholarships. These individuals’ lives are truly changed forever thanks to their participation in the Club.